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BCOSW Club Logo Merchandise (Orders taken until July 2, 2018)

How to order your garments

Order for garments will close on July 2nd. For each of the four versions of the Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin logo there is a group order form on the website where you will be able to select from a range of garment options and colors.  You will pay for the order through the website.

How to get your garment order

Garments will be available for pick-up on July 27th at our Independent Specialty in Ixonia, WI or on August 4th at our Annual Picnic in Somers, WI at Lure Coursing FanaticsIf you do not plan to be at either of these events, you must pay for shipping below.  If you are ordering more than 1-2 garments or want to combine shipping with friends in your area, please email so we can work out the most cost-effective shipping option.

Garment Pricing & Availability

Prices are based on the particular design and and projected minimum garment order.  This is not a fundraiser and BCOSW is not making a profit on this order. If the garment order exceeds our minimum order, the price per garment may drop and in that case you will get a small refund for the difference.  If the actual order is significantly below the minimum order size for one of the basenji designs, then the order for those garments may have to be cancelled (and you get a refund).  If that happens, we will contact you using the contact information you provide on the order form to allow you the option to purchase another design.

Ordering Questions?

Please email


Paying for Shipping

Shipping for wearables order
Shipping for wearables order Select this option if you are unable to pick-up your items at the specialty on July 27th or our club picnic on August 4th (see above for details). The earliest the orders will be shipped out is the week of July 30th. Shipping costs are dependent on what you are ordering:
1 t-shirt: $5.00
2 or more t-shirts: $7.00
1 sweatshirt or hoodie: $7.00
1 t-shirt + 1 sweatshirt or hoodie: $7.00
If you are planning an order larger than 1-2 garments or would like to combine orders with friends to save on shipping, please contact so we can determine the most cost effective option for you.

Shipping : Name & Shipping Address:

Red & White Basenji

Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Red & White

Black & White Basenji

Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Black & White

Tri-colored Basenji

Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Tri

Brindle Basenji

Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Brindle