25th Anniversary Independent Specialty

Everything you need to participate in our 25th anniversary double specialty event.

PremiumJudging Program


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By attending these events, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

For everyone’s safety and planning for our events, you agree to the following requirements while attending and entering our event to make sure we all stay safe and have a good time! We will be following current and applicable federal, state and local requirements and suggested best practices by the American Kennel Club.

  • We are following the latest CDC guidance for masks. If you are not fully vaccinated, masks are recommended. For latest details from the CDC, search “CDC Your Guide to Masks.
  • We will practice social distancing when possible. The building setup/layout will be designed to accommodate.
  • Limited ring-side crating will be available. Grooming will be outdoors.
  • Food service will follow safety protocols for preparation, handling, and serving.
  • Anyone who enters the show acknowledges that they will stay home if they are having any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or were knowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact Clay Bunyard, Show Chair/Secretary, at claybunyard@hotmail.com or 920-205-2323.