Nosework Skills Challenge

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Location: Greater Racine Kennel Club, 6320 Six Mile Road, Racine (Caledonia), WI

Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc.

SATURDAY, OCT. 21, 2023


Join us for a fun day of nosework searches based on the 2023 NACSW skills achievement challenge.  You can search and submit videos for a title or you can just search for practice.




Day-of Entries


$30 per dog-handler team

$35 per dog-handler team


October 16th, 11:59 pm

October 21st, 9:00 am



Skills Challenge Event Chair: Lisa Marshall, 414-333-0156,

  • Pre-entries:  Pre-entries must be completed and received by end-of-day Monday, October 16th, via the online form linked below. You will received an email confirmation of your entry details.  Entry is not complete until payment is received via Paypal thru our site.  No refunds after closing, Oct 16th.
  • Day-of Entries:  A limited number of day-of entries will be taken. More details will be posted after the 16th.
  • Location:  Greater Racine Kennel Club, 6320 Six Mile Road, Racine (Caledonia), WI. Directions are available on the Greater Racine Kennel Club website,
  • No crating in buildings. Dog must be crated in vehicles when not running searches.
  • Search areas are all on one level – no steps
  • A running order with approximate run times will be emailed 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Dogs will begin approximately every 5 minutes and will search all elements consecutively.
  • Females in season will be run at the end of a particular level or following level 3 depending on the search area.


Skills Achievement Challenge Details

  • We will set up the all 3 levels of the 4 skills described in the 2023 skills achievement challenge.  You can select the level you would like to run for each search.
  • Detailed descriptions of the searches, hide parameters, time limits, submission and judging requirements can be found on the NACSW website at the following link:  2023 NACSW Skills Achievement Challenge

If you are searching to complete the requirements for the skills achievement challenge title…

  • As per the NCASW K9 Nose Work Rule Book (Version 12.0a, June 2, 2023): “Individuals and businesses may offer the opportunity to run Skills Achievement Challenge setups at their facilities.  However, these opportunities are not sanctioned by NACSW and are not guaranteed to meet the Challenge requirements or NACSW standards for event protocols.”
  • Handlers are responsible for being familiar with the skills challenge requirements, particularly judging, handling and submission.
  • Handlers must provide their own device for recording of the videos for submission.  You can bring a friend to video or we will provide a volunteer to record for you. 
  • Handlers are responsible for submission of their videos for judging for the NACSW skills achievement challenge.  After the event is complete, we will provide the required photo or video of the search setup and hide locations via our website for you to submit.  

If you are searching for practice…

  • You can run the searches with known hides, blind (the hides are indicated in the challenge description), or with help.  No pairing. 
  • If you would like the search videoed with your own device we can provide a volunteer to do so.  


Skills Challenge Entry Form

Click the link below to register your dogs for the event.  After completion of the form, you will be redirected back to this page to make payment below via PayPal.

Nosework Skills Challenge
Nosework Skills Challenge
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