March 30, 2019

Judge: Jennifer Smith, Milwaukee, WI

AKC Sanctioned Basenji B-Match

Puppy Best of Breed – Laurel Bravissima Third Encore

Adult Best of Breed – Joy-Us What’s it All About

Best of Opposite Sex Adult – Ch Joy-us Shoot for the Moon

Basenji B-Match Puppy

Puppy Bitch 3-6 mo.

1          Laurel Bravissima Third Encore 12/4/2018 Laura Mae Hesse

2          Rafikis Southern Sparkler  12/10/2018 Susan Cook

Puppy Bred-By Bitch

1          Rafikis Old Fashioned  12/10/2018  Michelle Gahgan

2          Laurel Bravissima Grand Finale  12/4/2018 Laura Mae Hesse

Basenji B-Match Adult

Open Dog

1          Ch Joy-us Shoot for the Moon 11/22/2013 Jan Cook

Bred-By Bitch

1          Joy-Us What’s it All About 12/17/2017 Susan Joyner

All Hound Fun Match

Basenji – Best of the Best 

Head:  Joy-Us What’s it All About

Feet:  Rafikis Southern Sparkler

Tail:  Laurel Bravissima Third Encore

Coat:  Rafikis Southern Sparkler

Profile: Laurel Bravissima Third Encore

Movement:  Ch Joy-us Shoot for the Moon

Best Trick

Luke & Terry Lemberger

Basenji – Exhibition only 

FC Dakotah’s Cool Hound Luke   Terry Lemberger



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